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SATEERA Shines at the World's Largest MIHAS HALAL Exhibition: A Journey of Microbial Technology Form

From September 12th to 15th, 2023, Malaysia played host to the world's grandest MIHAS HALAL exhibition, attracting trade companies from every corner of the globe. Amid this momentous event, SATEERA, a trailblazer in the field of microbial technology formulations, also made its mark on this global stage, aiming to shine a spotlight on its technological innovations. This article delves into the motivations driving SATEERA's participation, highlights from the exhibition, and the accomplishments achieved by the company during this extraordinary event.

SATEERA : Pioneering Microbial Technology Formulations

SATEERA is an innovative company dedicated to the trade of microbial technology formulations, focusing on delivering exceptional solutions to the B2B market. Through relentless research and development efforts, SATEERA has achieved significant milestones in the realm of microbial technology, offering high-quality products and services across numerous industries.

The decision to participate in the exhibition was fueled by a clear vision : Establishing roots in their homeland, expanding globally to introduce their innovative technology to a broader audience, increasing brand visibility, and forging mutually beneficial partnerships conducive to business growth.

In this edition of MIHAS, SATEERA also extended invitations to three of its partners to join the journey: CARE, a Malaysian company with an 18-year history, international beauty GMP manufacturer MM COSMETICS, and renowned obstetrician and gynecologist DR. QUEK YEK SONG from Johor.

Stepping into the World's Largest HALAL Exhibition

The Malaysia International HALAL Showcase (MIHAS) ranks among the world's largest HALAL exhibitions, annually drawing trade companies and professionals from across the globe. MIHAS transcends being a mere business platform; it's an opportunity for cultural exchange, attracting top professionals and experts from the HALAL industry. One of the prime reasons SATEERA opted for MIHAS participation was its global recognition, providing them with access to potential customers and partners from diverse countries and regions.

Exhibition Highlights

At the MIHAS exhibition, SATEERA showcased its outstanding achievements in the field of microbial technology formulations. Here are some of the exhibition highlights :

1. Innovative Microbial Technology Formulations Showcase

SATEERA unveiled its groundbreaking mangrove extract technology formulation, sourced from 30-year-old mangrove trees. This microbial technology formulation boasts wide-ranging applications across various industries, including personal skincare, oral care, daily hygiene, and medicinal ointments. It aids in restoring skin microbiota balance, bolstering skin immunity, and enhancing the efficacy of these products. During the exhibition, the company's team members provided insights into the workings of these products and their potential commercial value to visitors.

2. Industry Collaboration Discussions

MIHAS offered a platform for professionals from diverse industries to connect and explore collaborations. SATEERA's team members enthusiastically engaged in a spectrum of collaboration discussions, engaging in profound conversations with potential partners from around the world.

These discussions hold the promise of opening new markets for the company and strengthening its global presence.

3. A Global Outlook

MIHAS isn't just a business opportunity; it's also an event with a global perspective. SATEERA's team members interacted with individuals from different countries and cultural backgrounds, aiding in broadening their international outlook and understanding the unique needs and trends of various markets.

Exhibition Achievements and Prospects

Participating in MIHAS proved to be a resounding success for SATEERA. Through active showcasing and collaboration discussions, the company achieved the following outcomes:

Significant Brand Exposure : SATEERA's brand gained widespread recognition and visibility, introducing more individuals to the innovative microbial technology formulations derived from mangroves and the solutions SATEERA offers for various skin-related concerns.

New Business Opportunities : The company established connections with trade companies from around the world, potentially paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships in the future.

Global Market Insight : MIHAS provided the company with insights into the global HALAL market, aiding in the formulation of more targeted marketing strategies.

In summary, SATEERA's participation in the MIHAS exhibition presented new opportunities and challenges for their microbial technology formulation business. By showcasing their innovative products and solutions at the world's largest HALAL exhibition, the company successfully heightened brand visibility and laid a robust foundation for future growth.

This exhibition wasn't just a business event but also a platform for cultural exchange, fostering understanding and collaboration among diverse cultures.

SATEERA's exhibition experience underscores its potential to lead in the global HALAL market, opening new doors for the company's future development.

At MIHAS, the global HALAL exhibition, SATEERA showcased its exceptional achievements in the realm of microbial technology formulations, paving the way for the global expansion of its brand.

Exhibition date : 12 September 2023 - 15 September 2023


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