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SATEERA, as the initiator of HERSTORY, places great emphasis on spreading charitable ideals and health awareness through HERSTORY, dedicated to making positive contributions to society. On May 20, 2023, at SIREH PARK in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, HERSTORY successfully hosted the inaugural HERSTORY FIT FEST 2023, a family-friendly charity run event.

This grand event exemplifies SATEERA's unwavering commitment to charity and health advocacy, aiming to inspire individuals' physical and mental well-being, foster parent-child bonding, and pursue pure and simple happiness. Guided by the concept of FITNESS+FESTIVAL, HERSTORY FIT FEST has become a festive celebration that integrates sports and entertainment, attracting the active participation of nearly 800 enthusiastic participants.

During the event, participants completed an exhilarating 3-kilometer cross-country family run, overcoming challenges such as jungles, mud, and slopes, as well as tackling dance and obstacle courses together with their families. This symbolic experience represents the journey of life, where we face difficulties and overcome them by working closely with our loved ones.

In addition, HERSTORY had the honor of inviting BP HEALTHCARE to provide free basic health check-ups for participants, emphasizing the importance of prevention over cure.

Another highlight of the event was the carnival-like entertainment, including the energetic ZUMBA dance party, joyful parent-child workshops and games, and delectable food trucks, infusing the venue with boundless joy and culinary charm, creating unforgettable memories for attending families.

The success of HERSTORY FIT FEST would not have been possible without the strong support from various sectors of society. SATEERA expresses sincere gratitude to all sponsors and partners. HERSTORY will continue to uphold charity and health as core values, delivering positive energy to society and guiding more people to recognize the importance of charity and health to individuals and communities.

Additionally, the co-founder of HERSTORY, DATUK WIRA (DR) CALVIN KHIU, graced the event and shared the beautiful morning with everyone.

As the initiator, SATEERA, through its charitable organization HERSTORY, not only calls for public attention to exercise and health but also actively contributes to social welfare. The proceeds from this event's ticket sales will be used to support underprivileged families, demonstrating SATEERA's relentless pursuit of charitable ideals and health consciousness.

Through HERSTORY's care program, underprivileged families will receive long-term support in terms of personal hygiene products and health check-ups. SATEERA firmly believes that everyone should have the basic right to health and hygiene, and personal care is not a luxury but a reflection of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Looking towards the future, SATEERA will continue to practice its beliefs and spread health and happiness to more families. They urge the general public, regardless of the busyness and hardships of life, to cherish themselves and their loved ones.

Guided by HERSTORY, they learn to "LOVE,CARE,SPEAK." SATEERA always regards philanthropy and health as driving forces, contributing to societal progress and the well-being of every individual.


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