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In the busy and challenging lives we lead, there are times when we need to pause, appreciate the precious moments of parenthood, and reclaim valuable time for ourselves.

As the initiator of HERSTORY, SATEERA is deeply committed to spreading charitable ideals and raising awareness about health consciousness, striving to make a positive contribution to society.

Therefore, on March 3, 2023, we organized the 2nd HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day in Tasek Central, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, under the theme "Brighten Up Your Life."

In today's society, women face immense pressure balancing career and family responsibilities, often lacking the time and space to truly pause and be alone with themselves. This continuous pressure and lack of rest can lead to chronic illnesses and mental health issues.

Hence, through this event, we aim to create a precious "ME TIME" for mothers, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy rare moments of relaxation and self-reflection, and to create joyful and beautiful memories along the way.

To make this event more meaningful, we have collaborated with six community organizations dedicated to supporting underprivileged families and single mothers. The event took the form of a coloring contest for children, allowing them to unleash their creativity while creating valuable alone time for mothers.

During this precious time, mothers could enjoy an uninterrupted breakfast, indulge in shopping, and participate in our specially prepared workshops. The main objective was to allow mothers to completely relax, savor their own time, and reconnect with themselves.

We firmly believe that such an event is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of women. Through this HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day event, SATEERA, with charity and health at its core values, hopes to spread positive energy to society and guide more people to recognize the importance of charity and health for individuals and communities.

As part of this event, we specially invited professional photographers to capture beautiful individual and mother-child photos for the mothers, and all the photos belong entirely to them.

We hope that this gift will leave mothers with fond memories, and when they feel tired, troubled, or on the verge of giving up, these photos will remind them of the morning of March 3, when they spent a joyful and liberating time with themselves, their children, and HERSTORY.

The coloring contest was themed "Health and Hygiene Start with Me," in line with the health and care beliefs consistently promoted by HERSTORY. On the event day, we also distributed HERSTORY CARE PACKS, hygiene care packages, to all participating families.

Our main objective was to emphasize the importance of personal care and convey our belief that health and hygiene should be basic rights for everyone, not luxuries.

We are delighted to see the tremendous support this event has received from the community. A total of 120 children participated in the contest, accompanied by over 100 parents, including disadvantaged and single-parent families from the community.

Witnessing the boundless creativity of the children, seeing the long-lost smiles on the mothers' faces, and feeling the genuine emotions between mothers and children, we are honored to have shared this beautiful memory with everyone on this day.

Additionally, we hope that this memory, this joy, and this illuminated moment will continue to guide them on their future life journeys.

As the initiator, SATEERA is committed to fulfilling social responsibilities and making a positive impact on the community through the HERSTORY charitable project.

This event is a concrete practice of SATEERA's concern for the health and happiness of mothers, and a testament to SATEERA's selfless support for families. We hope that through such activities, we can bring warmth and care to more families, allowing everyone to experience the importance of health and happiness.


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