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In 2022, HERSTORY, a charitable organization under SATEERA, conducted a series of events called "HERSTORY Health & Wellness Seminar" across 5 different universities nationwide, providing valuable health knowledge to nearly 600 university students and faculty members.

These seminars invited healthcare experts from various fields who shared their expertise on common health issues faced by young women and stress management, along with providing correct personal care methods. The aim of each seminar was to deliver important information to participants, empower them to make informed decisions on their health and well-being, and encourage open discussions on often overlooked aspects of healthcare.

The choice of universities as the starting point was driven by the understanding that university students are the future backbone of the nation and hold immense potential as the driving force of the new generation. Therefore, when they possess proper knowledge of personal health and hygiene care, they will be capable of encouraging their loved ones to prioritize health. This is especially important for female university students, as they will later enter society and become mothers, equipped with health knowledge to pass on to the next generation. Over time, this will create a positive cycle of beneficial effects, enabling more individuals to lead healthy and well-rounded lives.

On January 9, 2022, SATEERA’s Charity arm - HERSTORY successfully hosted its first Health & Wellness Seminar at the EcoWorld Sales Gallery in Eco Business Park 2. This influential event brought together nearly 60 professors and staff members from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for a rich knowledge exchange on women's health. We invited four accomplished doctors and professors in their respective fields to share their professional insights on prevalent health issues.

One of the speakers was Dr. Quek Yek Song, an experienced specialist in gynecology. He delved into common health problems faced by women, with a particular focus on conditions such as cysts, fibroids, and cervical issues that often affect women's health. The second speaker, Dr. Goh Boon Ser, provided detailed information on diabetes prevention and emphasized the importance of proactive health management in preventing diabetes.

Dr. Noor Hafizah Zaihanah Bt Mohd Nur, the third speaker, addressed the vital topic of mental health and shed light on common mental health issues like depression and anxiety that are prevalent in the field of psychology. The final speaker, Dr. Nur Izyan Wan Azelee, discussed the significant influence of fashion on women's health and self-perception, exploring the close relationship between attire and personal image.

Overall, the event was a great success, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and promoting awareness of women's health and well-being among the participants from UTM.

As a leading advocate inspiring women's health, confidence, and happiness, HERSTORY hosted a transformative Health & Wellness Seminar on April 24, 2022, at the renowned UTM. This groundbreaking event focused on key topics related to women's personal health, including depression, cervical cancer awareness, women's fashion, and practical tips for self-care.

We were privileged to have renowned obstetrics and gynecology expert, Dr. Quek Yek Song, from Columbia Asia Hospital, as one of the speakers. He delivered a talk titled "Common Women's Health Issues - Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, and Cervical Diseases." The second speaker was Dr. Nur Izyan Wan Azelee, a professional university professor from UTM, who shared insights on the topic "We Are What We Wear," emphasizing the relationship between women's fashion and personal well-being. The third speaker, Dr. Noor Hafizah Zaihanah Bt Mohd Nur, provided participants with knowledge on mental health through her talk titled "The Black Dog."

This Health & Wellness Seminar was a turning point, providing valuable information and empowering women with practical skills and awareness of important health issues. HERSTORY continues to be a trailblazer in promoting women's health, confidence, and happiness.

HERSTORY, as a champion of encouraging women to live healthy, confident, and joyful lives, successfully hosted an exceptional Health Seminar on June 25, 2022, at UITM Malacca. This seminar focused on key topics related to women's personal health care, including women's mental health, self-expression, and often overlooked oral care.

We were fortunate to have two professional dental care doctors, Dr. Teoh and Dr. Masyitah, who shared valuable knowledge on proper daily oral care. Their talk, titled "Brushing Techniques and the Truths and Myths of Oral Care," provided insights into maintaining oral hygiene. Additionally, we invited Dr. Choong Syih Ying, a highly experienced expert in breastfeeding, who shared the correct knowledge about breast care. Her talk, titled "The Beauty of Breasts," was of great significance to women, emphasizing the importance of good habits and proper care for the healthy development of the breasts. The third speaker, Puan Asma bt Ahmad Shukri, brought an important topic on mental health to the participants in a humorous and engaging manner. Her talk, titled "Stop Self-Bullying - Overthinking!" shed light on the significance of mental well-being.

This Health Seminar showcased HERSTORY's commitment to empowering women with vital knowledge and promoting their overall well-being. The event emphasized the importance of self-care, both physically and mentally, and encouraged women to embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

On September 24,2022, SATEERA’s NPO HERSTORY is thrilled to announce the tremendous success of the Health Knowledge Seminar held at the renowned Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

The seminar aimed to enrich the understanding of women's health and well-being, covering a wide range of health topics from daily care and personal growth, including oral hygiene to the hormonal changes of the health cycle, and diverse health issues such as genetic risks of breast and ovarian cancer.

We had the privilege of inviting an outstanding dental doctor, Dr. Sky Liew, who provided in-depth insights into the topic of "Women's Oral Health Care." The second speaker, Dr. Choong Syih Ying, a breastfeeding expert, delivered an inspiring talk titled "Seek and Fight." She offered professional knowledge on breast care and preventive measures against breast diseases to the participants. The third speaker, Dr. Danny Tan Chee Hoe, shared valuable insights on "Understanding Your Growth Journey," covering physiological and psychological changes in women's growth process.

This seminar at Universiti Tenaga Nasional showcased HERSTORY's commitment to empowering women with knowledge and promoting their overall health and happiness. The event fostered a deeper understanding of various aspects of women's health and encouraged participants to make informed decisions about their well-being.

On December 3, 2022, HERSTORY successfully organized the 5th Health Knowledge Seminar at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in the northern region of Malaysia, marking another important milestone.

HERSTORY remains committed to promoting health awareness and its mission, providing a platform for in-depth discussions on various aspects of health and imparting crucial knowledge to nearly 50 university students.

During this seminar, renowned experts in women's health field, Dr. Quek Yek Song, shared his profound insights on "Common Health Issues in Young Women." Respected dental hygiene specialist, Dr. Allen Teh Bang Cheng, elucidated on "Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes" to the audience. In the face of escalating stress issues, Dr. Lee Siqi timely addressed the topic of "Stress and How to Overcome Them." Furthermore, through his lecture titled "Ouch... My Knee Hurts," Dr. Lim Hong Chun introduced the importance of joint health and methods to prevent knee injuries, a crucial aspect often overlooked by young individuals.

The HERSTORY Health Knowledge Seminar provided all participants with a valuable learning opportunity, enabling them to gain deeper insights into women's health issues and acquire relevant health knowledge. HERSTORY will continue to dedicate itself to promoting health awareness, providing support and resources for women to lead healthy, confident, and joyful lives.

SATEERA firmly believes in the power of knowledge as the cornerstone of health management, and through HERSTORY's selfless dedication and genuine care for women nationwide, SATEERA is confident that it will continue to inspire Malaysian women to love life and prioritize their health.

The HERSTORY Health Knowledge Seminar is more than just an event; it represents a journey towards a better understanding of health, encouraging individuals to adopt conscious and proactive care practices. By inspiring young minds, HERSTORY, a charitable initiative under SATEERA, is dedicated to laying a foundation of health for future generations. It emphasizes the importance of personal health and everyday hygiene in the midst of busy lifestyles.


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