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Blending Biotech Innovation and Sustainable Practices

SATEERA® - as a biotechnology leader dedicated to the harmony of nature, science, and human wellness - is committed to a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approach that aligns with our corporate values. As part of our strategic initiatives, we take pride in actively engaging in practices that promote environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and robust corporate governance. The core spirit of Sateera's ESG commitment resonates with our fundamental belief in enhancing the quality of life through innovative and natural products.


In our exploration of the ESG landscape, in 2021, SATEERA® partnered with Outstanding Entrepreneur(OE) to co-found HERSTORY. This remarkable nonprofit charity organization has a mission to care for women, advocating for them to live a rich life of health, confidence, and happiness.

Every year on March 3rd, HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day is celebrated. The synergy between SATEERA® and HERSTORY aligns perfectly with our vision, bridging the gap between the biotech sector and social empowerment. SATEERA® brings groundbreaking research, innovative products, and expertise in personal hygiene and healthcare, complementing HERSTORY's mission to transcend societal barriers and promote positivity in women's lives.

SATEERA® will continue to uphold the philosophy of "taking from society, giving back to society," dedicating itself to making more contributions through the HERSTORY charity organization. In the realm of charity, HERSTORY will continue to lead and organize a series of initiatives and events. 

These activities go beyond conventional empowerment efforts by offering health seminars delivered by medical experts, providing valuable insights into women's healthcare. In addition, HERSTORY will also organize various charitable events to raise awareness among the public about the importance of a "healthy, confident, and happy" lifestyle. 


At the same time, Sateera will regularly distribute essential daily supplies through HERSTORY to those in need, taking care of their hygiene and helping them improve their quality of life.

Sateera's unwavering commitment to charitable endeavors emphasizes our belief in the power of shared experiences and unity.

Therefore, the dedication and efforts we invest in the HERSTORY charity organization serve as a testament to our commitment to ESG, marking our continued journey towards a healthier, more confident, and happier society. Together, we strive for an ideal life characterized by improved daily hygiene habits and a fulfilled spirit, ultimately achieving a healthier and more serene existence.


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